Community Participation Mittagong

Assistance with Community Participation in Mittagong

Are you an NDIS participant looking for support workers who can assist with community participation in Mittagong? Your search should end at The Independence Crew. We are home to some of the most skilled and adept support workers who would use all their experience and knowledge to come up with assistance with community participation that will help you lead the life of your choice with self-esteem and autonomy being a part of your community.
In order to help you connect with others and acquire a variety of social skills, we offer a safe, welcoming atmosphere for creative community participation through NDIS.

How can our Assistance with Community Participation assist you?

Our hardworking support workers are committed to assisting you in maximising the amount of money allocated by the NDIS for community and social involvement. We may help you in the following way They will do so through:
  • Selection of different activities, including compensated and subsidised trips
  • A support professional who will go with you to the events
  • Observation, direction, and reporting of the favourable results
  • Getting the most out of your NDIS funds
Community Participation Program
Community Participation Program

What does our Assistance with Community Participation include?

At The Independence Crew, our assistance with community participation in Mittagong will include but is not restricted to:
  • Participating in interest-based social groups
  • Recreational activities
  • Skill building activities
  • Sport activities
  • Visiting local Library
  • Camping & Vacation
  • Singing, Painting, Dancing, Art & Craft
  • Cooking
  • Going to a movie or concert
  • Relaxing activities like Meditation or Yoga
Community Participation Services
Community Participation Services
Assistance with Community Participation
Assistance with Community Participation

How does our Assistance with Community Participation help?

Increasing social and community involvement covered under your community participation teaches you fundamental social and civic skills. The money can be used to cover the cost of taking part in different events and activities in a social or communal context.
In addition to family and paid support services, increased social and community participation is meant to help you form trustworthy support networks and meaningful relationships. This area of support is intended to help you overcome obstacles placed in your way, build self-confidence, and improve your socialisation and communication skills. Besides, it will help in:
  • Acquiring social skills
  • Gaining enhanced autonomy and self-sufficiency
  • Promoting optimism and a more positive self-image
  • Meeting individuals who share your interests or life stages
  • Develop skills that improve your day-to-day living
  • Gain access to NDIS social groups
  • Assists in the development of a support system for emergencies
  • Gaining entry to fresh prospects via a peer network
  • Reducing the reliance on regular carers


Yes, Depending upon the nature of support needed, our support workers would offer time bound as well as 24x7 assistance with Community Participation

Yes, we do offer NDIS funding assistance, though we never handle the cash. It is solely managed either by you or any other person that you have nominated.

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