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    Communication Needs/Supports

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    Cultural Identity

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    Interpreter required?

    Cultural considerations?

    Supported decision making/legal orders

    Does the client have an authorised person, guardian, or nominee in place?

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    Is there a current Behaviour Support Plan in place?

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    Safety Assessment


    Are you aware of anything that would be a danger to a visiting worker at your residence?


    Do you live with anyone?

    Relationship to you

    Are they ever violent or aggressive towards anyone?

    What type of housing do you live in?

    Is the house number visible from the street?


    Do you have anything in your house that would make it unsafe for workers to visit?

    Do you own any animals?

    Are there any weapons on the property?

    Does anyone smoke on the premises?

    Is there any alcohol or drug use on the premises?

    Is there anything additional you would like to share relevant to services?

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