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What Can You Do If You’re Running Out of Funds For Required Support?

There are times when you might feel like running out of money for your support services. This can be a particularly stressful situation for patients with high support needs who are benefitting from the disability support services in Sydney under their NDIS plan. The NDIA might approve extra funds in times of emergency; however, if the issue is a result of improper budgeting, then they will most likely not. 

So, what will you do in such a scenario? This blog is all about this topic and how you can navigate this tricky situation. 

The Most Common Reason Is a Mistake in Budgeting and Overspending 

Inaccurate budgeting can be caused due to factors like –

  • Unsure about how much your NDIS Service Provider in Sydney actually charge 
  • Didn’t watch closely for possible budget escalations 
  • Overlooking if there were any hidden costs 
  • Availed extra support without checking if you’ve enough funding for it

Whatever could be the reason, it’s essential on the part of family of the participant tp ask for up-to-date invoices. Have a clear service agreement is necessary to have a clearewr picture and plan your budget accordingly. 

Make Sure To Ask Your NDIS Provider If You’re Overspending at a “Reasonable Rate” 

Not quite sure, is it? Let us clarify. 

In many cases, if your funding is fast depleting, you need to priortise your supports accordingly. For instance, you can ask your NDIS service provider to put some support on hold or reduce the frequency of the support. If you’re self managing the plan, may be it’s time you appoint a plan manager to professionally manage the plan. They’re experts and can rearrange some of the funding from one area to another core support area to cover those costs. 

The Possibility That Your Circumstances Have Evolved, and Your Existing Budget May Not Be Sufficient 

When you’ve approached a registered NDIS provider in Sydney like The Independence Crew before, maybe the budget set by the NDIA then was reasonable and necessary to assist you in reaching your goals. However, now your situation might have changed over the years, and it’s no longer adequate as it used to be. 

In this situation, you should let the NDIA know right away and fill out the change of circumstances form. If you find it too intimidating, seek the help of your plan manager. On the grounds that the situation can be deemed “necessary”, more funds will be allocated to your plan.

If You Find Budget Planning, Fund Allocation and Invoicing Too Difficult, an NDIS Plan Manager is The Answer 

Plan management is when a registered NDIS provider in Sydney takes care of all your budgeting and invoicing and helps you get the most out of your NDIS plan. This is why you need to approach a reliable and reputed provider with years of experience. 

Call The Independence Crew at 61493 239 659 and talk with the friendly NDIS team, who will be able to assist with your fund management and other services. Have doubts? Let us know at enquiries@theindependencecrew.com.au.